In the late 1990s Mel landed a regular gig on a live variety show that aired on Wisconsin Public Radio. Writing and performing a three to four minute segments gained her an audience for her first book,  Cop’s Kid: A Milwaukee Memoir about what life was like back in the 1960s, having a father who carried a badge. “Didn’t everyone’s mother carry their husband’s off-duty snub nose Smith and Wesson in their purse?”

She is a regular contributor for More Magazine . She is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post 50/50. Her break-through essay? I’m Changing My Underpants and the Economy. She’s the past recipient of the Wisconsin Regional Writers award for humor.

Mel lives in a drafty, 120 year old empty nest with her husband of 30 plus years and a black labrador – the first allowed on the furniture, because “That’s what happens when the kids leave.”

She has written a second book – The Seamus

Sessions – a heartwarming, inspiring story of grappling with loss, finding hope and healing with the help of a badly behaved labrador. “It’s sort of a Tuesday’s With Morrie meets Marley and Me.” She is represented by the

Kathryn Green Literary Agency LLC, New York.