Mel Miskimen is an award winning writer and contributor for More Magazine and the Huffington Post. She has appeared as a guest essayist on Public Radio, she’s written one book, a memoir called Cop’s Kid published by Terrace Books, available at

Look for her second book:

The Seamus Sessions . . .

Grief with An Underachieving Labrador.

She’s represented by the Kathryn Green Literary Agency, LLC, New York.

The Guests Who Wouldn’t Leave

will be featured in an upcoming anthology: Done Darkness

      . . . The Doom and Gloom twins always showed up uninvited and unannounced. I used to turn off the lights, hide under the covers, pretend not to be home, but, they kept ringing my mental door bell, like a pair of persistent Jehovah’s Witnesses who would not be satisfied with my, “Yes, yes, yes. Sure. Jesus Christ? Uh huh. Yeah. I’ve heard of Him. Just leave the literature. Thank you, buh bye.”

    They insisted on coming in. Making themselves comfortable. Would it have been asking too much for them to make their beds? Cook dinner? Put on pants? They would leave after they trashed my psyche like teenagers at a parent-less house party, tp’d my self-worth and spilled beer all over whatever was left of my self esteem upholstery. How was I going to keep them from coming back?

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